OBJECTIVE: Having a more than Ten years experienced as a Creative Design and Animation solution Specialist, an assisting to create leading the Media, Advertising & E-learning industry, assuming various positions as to visualize, plan and design creative concept as per clients’ specification and convince them with presentations that goals and vision would be achieved successfully.

SKILL: We are experts in Project planning and management, Initiating and presenting ideas, Translating project requirements into visual, Pre Production, Production and post production for motion graphics, whiteboard animation, stop motion, Cartoon animation, Video Promotions, Short films, Media Presentations, WBT-CBT- GUI Designs programs, ect.

STRENGTHS: Comfortable and flexible to a fast paced change environment where deadlines are a priority and handling multiple assignments simultaneously is a requirement. we are creative, strong team players, professional, organized, detail oriented, work well under pressure, enjoy interacting with professionals at all levels and able to adapt too many different work environments.


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