Parquerama Studios is the amorphous and colorful result of Matias Vigliano and Dante Zaballa mashed together. They were united by destiny and the need to escape from a monotonous, repetitive, real reality.

The characters once developed by Matias Vigliano ( and many new ones, come to life breathing and degenerating in a way only traditional animation can.

Flying bears, gummy dogs, humanoid robots, schizophrenic astronauts, or any inocent living being of Parqueramaland, get a real soul from the explosive fusion of these two children that grew up under the influence of comics, japanese animation and world chaos.

With a wide experience on 3D and motion graphics projects for broadcast over the years, Matias and Dante decide to join their special powers to give birth to a unique and always unexpected universe, packed with full-speed intense stories leading the most entertaining nothingness.


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