I'm Marco Klimciuk from Milan, Italy.

I completed a degree in Virtual Design, Computer Graphics at the IED of Milan. Passing through experiences of post and video production (2008-2014), I have deepened my skills in Motion Design and Video Editing.
Since January 2011, I decided to leave Italy and start a new experience in Australia, for increase my knowledge in English and expand my professional skills.

Then from March 2014, I became freelance and I started to work with italian and international companies like:

I-Side//Akinda (Italy), Crevo (Japan), MCA Media (Italy), LessFilms (USA), Sodexo (Italy), Edithink (Italy), 7SecondiCirca (Italy), Sardegna Rally Race 2014 (Italy), Anmig (Italy), Garaventa Lift (Italy), How It Works Media (USA), RedFarm (Italy), Sonimage (Italy), WienotFilms (USA), Otto Film (Italy),Circus (Italy), ComboCut Film (Italy), BNL (Italy), Adidas (Italy), Esselunga (Italy) and Mama Natura (Italy)


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