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Animation is something I can talk about for days.

That’s because the medium is just a great mixture of all the arts. From film to illustration, animation, I believe, is the best medium for storytelling.

I love telling stories through animation because you’re breathing life into drawings. In character design, you're telling their back story through how they look. In animation, you tell their personality by how they act through multiple drawings being shot at 24 frames a second.

How awesome is that!

Whenever I tell friends about an idea I have for a next project, they tell me that I light up. I get so passionate with an idea that it helps me stay motivated.

Even when a client tells me their idea, I build upon it. Brainstorming with them so that it can be the best it can be! So that they feel comfortable that their idea is in good hands.

When I am not doing client work, I hire myself and work on my own ideas.

Currently the two big projects I am working on is my animated short Leaf Girl and my animated web series Molly’s Follies. I also host a Youtube channel and blog discussing my love for animation, helpful tutorials and present my work in progress for all to see. If you want to learn more check out the rest of the site. Don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest updates from me through your favorite social media site.

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