The Moving Company” is a studio which specializes in the production of short animation movies.
We produce movies for a variety of purposes – product and promotional movies, television shows, advertisements, music videos, web and cellular animation and more.

We accompany the client and the project from beginning to end – from the initial brainstorming to the writing of the script, through direction, design, animation and sound production and integration of the movie into various media.
The studio works in cooperation with designers, animators and various post production and creative professionals which enable us to provide a wide variety of looks and feels and therefore a tailor fit solution for our different clients’ needs.

The studio emphasizes the creation of original movies, with high production value, always meeting our deadlines, and equally important, in a pleasant cooperative atmosphere.

So take a look around and give us a call. We’ll talk over a cup of coffee and see how we can move your ideas forward.

Nadav Arbel
Director of Animation


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  • Music video

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  • Skop

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  • トランプの神秘的なお話 - TED lesson - Cards

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  • Ted-EDの見る人の好奇心を刺激する動画「無限大のホテル」- Infinite hotel

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  • Clarisite

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  • Skyfence

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  • show reel 2012

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  • Show reel 2013

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