Hello everyone,

I'm Veronica and I'm 2D / 3D motion design freelancer.
I'm very creative and I love every form of graphic design and self expression;
for this reason I'm always looking for new opportunities to improve and increase my skills.
Also, I like challenges and to push myself to the limit, being determined and striving for knowledge and innovation hard work doesn't scare me.
I'm italian but I recently moved to Berlin and I can't wait to actively take part to this city,
at the same time though, I'd like to build up some contacts in Germany and worldwide as well.
Reliable and responsible I'm also very curious and enjoy contact with others.
I'm a very openminded and enterprising person and I'm always excited about getting to know people,

talk to them and discover or learn something new.

That's why I like to work in a team and love unconventional trips.

Adaptable, flexible and communicative are qualities that belong to my character.
Self-confident but relaxed, enthusiastic and humorous,
I can't wait to have the opportunity to work with you and take part of your team.


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