I Am:
A Venezuelan designer, a motion designer who likes to shake things up and see what happens. I’ve been called a professor a scifi geek, a noisy punk glitchy musician a cat owner, dog lover, a fluent speaker of both Spanish and English,
a member of the resistance, a husband, friend, brother, an enthusiast of quantum theories and a historian of gaming, but you can basically just say that I am a designer.

Creative Direction, Motion Design, Graphic Design, Art Direction

Image Manipulation, Production, Vfx, Film, Branding Ident, Visual Communication, Directing, Editing, Compositing, Illustration, Music Videos, Broadcast Design, Trend, Photography, Styling, Copy writing, Sound Design, Liaising, Managing,

Theres is really no excuse to not know something right now, we have access to the collective knowledge of the world through the internet so we can know almost anything at any moment.


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