Born in Venezuela, studies in Multimedia Design. Have worked for several years in studios and advertising agencies, where I worked as an graphic designer and motion graphics artist. Working for both direct client and advertising agencies, looking for a position in a creative environment which will enable me to utilize and expand my skills.


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  • クイズ/謎解きコミュニケーションアプリ 「UNLOCKS」サービス紹介動画(Crevo制作実績)

  • Webサイト運用に必要な管理機能がそろったシステム「トコトン」サービス紹介動画(Crevo制作実績)

  • 動画コミュニケーションプラットフォーム「DOUPA!(ドウパ!)」

  • イベントキュレーションサービスwatav[ワタビ]

  • 048e3ba1658076943b041538ecc61cf21cd0865bff1a89a723fd254d38f7

    Anímate a Hablar Animax

  • 47cd82e88999e7642b57c4d303014d59a8545ad324feb886fff9e2a90709

    Intriga LollyPop Animax

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    Banco Mercantil Crecimiento

  • Promotion Alintech